Funds in focus


Schroder Flexible Retirement Fund

The Schroder Life Flexible Retirement Fund is designed for DC members who are approaching the stage when they will transition into retirement and who require a fund solution that gives them the flexibility to take their pots in a series of single lump sums or drawdown their assets over a period of time.

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Schroder Dynamic Multi-Asset Fund

The Schroder Dynamic Multi-Asset Fund aims to provide DC savers with stable growth through a low cost exposure to a diversified range of assets.

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Schroder QEP Investment

With over 15 years of experience managing global equities, Schroders’ QEP Investment Team are perfectly positioned to capture the most attractive opportunities from an investment universe of over 15,000 stocks. We employ intelligent portfolio construction based on innovative and forward-looking research to deliver a broad range of actively-managed solutions for investors.

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