Craig Botham

Emerging Markets Economist


17FEB 2016


February 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month’s infographic, our economists look at whether global economic concerns have been overplayed or whether it’s time for investors to panic.


18JAN 2016


January 2016 Economic Infographic

In the first economic infographic of the year our economists review the events which dominated the economic landscape in 2015 and look ahead at what to expect in 2016.

15JAN 2016


60 seconds with Craig Botham on China volatility and currency depreciation

The outlook for China’s economy remains opaque, but Craig Botham says recent market volatility has been driven by technical factors and a big devaluation for the currency remains some way off.



21DEC 2015


December 2015 Economic Infographic

In the final economic infographic of the year our economists examine global growth in 2015 and the key areas to look out for in 2016.

03DEC 2015


Global economy in pictures: Annual 2015 economic infographic

We review a turbulent year for the global economy which endured dramatic falls in the price of oil, geopolitical tension in Europe, a stockmarket crash in China and ends with the Federal Reserve considering raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.


20NOV 2015


November 2015 Economic Infographic

In the latest infographic Schroders economists examine the factors that could tip the global economy into recession, the problem with the UK's proposed 'tax-credit' reforms*, what's driving risk appetite among investors and the corruption scandals crippling Brazil.


14OCT 2015


October 2015 Economic Infographic

In the latest infographic Schroders economists examine the impact on the rest of the world of the slowdown in China, the effect of Europe's refugee crisis on the region's economy and the outlook for the Federal Reserve's (Fed) interest rate policy.


11SEP 2015


September 2015 Economic Infographic

In the latest economic infographic Schroders economists explore the effects of cheap oil and a strong dollar on the global economy and update their growth outlooks for the eurozone and the BRICs.


17AUG 2015


August 2015 Economic Infographic

Schroders August 2015 economic infographic looks at the problems facing China's policy makers following the equity boom and bust, the political risk in Europe shifting to Iberia, and storm clouds lifting over the global economy.


15JUL 2015


July 2015 Economic Infographic

In July's infographic we take an in depth look at the drivers behind the global economic recovery, how UK labour shortages could impact wage growth & monetary policy, and the impact on Greece of its bailout deal.